Wednesday, August 09, 2006

dream haiku #2

for zach

raiding your kitchen
in queer black utopia
oddly named fagville


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mamas hieroglyphics said...

a love note for


dear sista alexis,

you are a lion woman swril

of rainbow hurricane

a for real teacher subersive

thunderstorm insistent

itch on the belly of this world

i think your name must

mean "she who is a forest

of words and ancestor wisdom"

i think so

i wonder how you snag such

light in hunrgy tendrils i

wonder how you stew

such magic in your womb

i wonder how you speak

the oceans in your poems

i wonder how you bring a globe of

laughter in your eyes

i wonder

i think your name must

mean "she who paints

a new world with her

body" i see your

fingers fidget our minds

and the heart sketched impression

embedded in us all i see brandless

colors you pull from your purse

i see