Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ramble turned haiku

My sista Ebony suggested this great way of clarifying my thoughts about the process of naming my audience and my subject for my doctoral project. Try it! This haiku is a way of saying the paragraph that follows (which was part of last week's post).

i'm talking to you
girl reason for love change now
because, Audre says

(okay I'm cheating...i had to make two.)

hey girl you the one
making the the world move into
still clear held goodbyes

To describe the poetics/politics/ethics that I want to make visible that I want to reveal as irresistible who is the person that I invoke? Does this figure have a name. Audre Lorde says that there is no universal love. There is only this love in this poem. She agrees with Cesaire (and Wytner by association) that there is something about love that requires particularity, that there is a violence to the proclamation of the universal. (This is of course a big problem for someone like me engaged in a project that promise to produce some universal truth that contributes to the world of knowledge and provides the innovation that makes Duke believe I was worth these hundreds of thousands of fellowship dollars.) But I agree too. There is only this love. So the problem is who do I address, how do I name myself so that the particular you who I love will recognize me. Sure...you, or the part of you to whom I am speaking is a woman or is feminine, or can be open and can be hurt (do you see this slide?) How to I talk about making something with you, when words push me to reproduce (push! push!?) when words push me to reproduce the terms that insist we're unloveable? Only useful.

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