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Oh My Gosh! Being in this book is a dream come true!

Does Your Mama Know bookcover

does your mama know?

(revised edition)
edited by Lisa C. Moore

By turns funny, passionate, angry and joyous, does your mama know? reflects the complexity of emotions that accompany a black lesbian’s coming out. These short stories, poems, interviews and essays—fiction and nonfiction—make up a powerful collection of original and new writing. Originally published in 1997, the 2009 revised edition of does your mama know? adds 16 new stories. Booksellers, please note the new ISBN.

ISBN-10: 0-9786251-6-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9786251-6-0
Specs: Softcover, xx pp.
Price: $19.95
Pub. Date: May 2009
Cover art, design copyright © 1997 by Kamela Eaton


  • Donna Allegra
  • Martine C. Barbier
  • L.K. Barnett
  • Samiya Bashir
  • Gwendolyn Bikis
  • Becky Birtha
  • Sharon Bridgforth
  • Tonia Bryan
  • C.C. Carter
  • Staceyann Chin
  • Cheryl Clarke
  • Tonda Clarke
  • Alexis De Veaux
  • Olive Demetrius
  • Gale “Sky” Edeawo
  • Tiffani Frazier
  • Roxane Gay
  • Lena-Nsomeka Gomes
  • Jewelle Gomez

  • alexis pauline gumbs
  • Imani Henry
  • Kiyana Horton
  • Michele Hunter
  • A. Naomi Jackson
  • Terri Jewell
  • Ana-Maurine Lara
  • Renita Martin
  • Hope Massiah
  • Tiona McClodden
  • Liz Messerly
  • mistinguette
  • Lenelle Mo├»se
  • Denise Moore
  • Letta Neely
  • Ekua Omosupe
  • Tonya Parker
  • Kimberly “Q” Purnell
  • Almah LaVon Rice

  • Mattie Richardson
  • Brigitte Roberts
  • Makeda Silvera
  • Sheree Slaughter
  • Sherece Taffe
  • Selly k. Thiam
  • Karen Thompson
  • Nailah Tulinegwe
  • Hanifah Walidah
  • Laura Irene Wayne
  • Liza Wesley
  • Michelle Wilkinson
  • Arlene Williams
  • Shilanda Woolridge
  • Eva Yaa Asantewaa
  • Shay Youngblood
  • akhaji zakiya
  • Fiona Zedde
    Kortney Ryan Ziegler

Praise for does your mama know?

“These voices are varied as are the tales they tell. Haitian, Jamerican, Afro-Canadian, biracial, Southern U.S., London by way of Barbados. Ages 14 to 90. …It is extremely rare to see a book of any kind that reflects the diversity of black people in North America, not only economically, but ethnically.”

—R. Erica Doyle, Women in the Life

“When I held this book in my hand for the first time it shook me to the core. I dreamt about it all night. Thinking, ‘if only I had had this fourteen years ago,’ because Lord knows I looked for it. If only I had known I was not the only one, what pain-filled places would I have left behind? The voices in does your mama know? share the stories of black lesbians making the proverbial ‘way out of no way,’ on the edge of self-definition. It is a catalogue of our longing, our grief, our innocence, our triumph, and, above all, our love.”

—R. Erica Doyle, Women in the Life

“…an excellent expression of tenderness and pain as womyn share their coming-out stories.”

—LaJaunessee Jordan, Outlines

does your mama know?… does a terrific job adding a voice that’s missing from the collective gay expression. This gathering of essays, stories and poetry captures black lesbians like a prism reflects the sunlight, throwing back a thousand divergent lives. There is rich lore here for gay history, as well as black history…”

—Emma Hayes, HX for Her

does your mama know? is a welcome addition to the history of our communities…”

—Deborah Peifer, The Bay Guardian

“Few…voices have been raised to sing the history of African American lesbians. Editor Lisa C. Moore noticed that and has set about to begin to correct the omission, and she has done a masterful job of it. …[These] are beautiful poems and stories, yes, but more than that, they are proof of our existence and show how essential it is that we have a literature of our own.”

—Dale Edwyna Smith, The Lesbian Review of Books

“Lisa C. Moore does the community a service by not censoring her anthology [does your mama know?], by allowing black lesbian voices to be heard in rich and varied ways…”

—Barbara I. Bond, Lambda Book Report

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