Monday, August 23, 2010

Eternal Summer Haikus

created by the participants at the Eternal Summer Studio at Alternate ROOTS 2010

(photo by Sed Miles)

See grandma ain’t gone

The crickets sing her church sings

Be still, hear her.


I create because

Knowing life more intensely

Takes paint and brushes.

-Jessica Solomon

eternal struggle

blows like a hurricane wind

through creation’s soul

-A. Assaf

Made not certainly

A Summer Source discovered

Eternal Other

Eternally something sighs

Much to much abundance lies

In the summer’s light

-Jackson Kroopf

My eternal core

Dances for endless summers

Dignity in space


Eternal Wonder

Magnificence Undefined

Blooming Forever

Maybe hood ‘bundnace

Is the hydrant on full blast.


eternal spirit

guiding me, supporting me

move me with your light


trees and rocks, rivers

waterfalls…is anything

really eternal

this sweet summer seems

eternal as echoing

wind chimes and sunlight

perspective growing

eternal something knowing

means never going

eternal something

latches onto my soul and

grows inside the heart


eternal summer

sitting quietly waiting

it is breaking, breath

eternal something

wraps itself around my skin

it’s time to begin


when the world smiles

when we laugh

all is healed

-Ebony Noelle Golden

Make Summer soul free

Tap that bundance now y’all and

Love eternally

-Julia Roxanne Wallace

A new life forming

Past shaded future visions

What will be will be

The potential of life

The coming together of love

Forever starts today

Love goes on and on

Thru the life shared between us

As a new child boarn.

-Chris Youngston

When it is this hot

Let the tears flow down more more

It will cool your face

My name is Vzwhyahy

Such it in breathe it out woosh!

More more suck it in

-Marquetta Dupree

eternal endings

fall to the earth to become

eternal seedling

sweatstinging the eyes

mango mash and moonlight swim

eternal summer


abundance is all

leafy greens, vibrant colors

and smiling bellies

forever spinning

stories of struggle and grace

lifting as we climb

eternal darkness

vibrates on another plane

pregnant with spirit


Learning to listen

Growing in compassion this

Eternal summer

Powerful rivers

Ancient, towering rocks this

Eternal summer

Hope that carries change

Working for peace justice this

Eternal summer


Eternal Summer

Fire exchanged through solid hugs

Rhythms, yearning peace

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