Wednesday, September 08, 2010


For Samuel Blizzard Jr., Calvin Streater and Durand Robinson, black gay men murdered during the last 10 days in Atlanta.

who learns to love me

from the mouth of my enemies”

-Audre Lorde “Need”

who have your back

who cradle your lightheaded bright eyes

who frame your face with hands pride portrait sending home

who love

who write your sweat salt into affirmation

who believe in you enough

surely the thin rope tied sweatshop stitched free backpack

filled with plastic reinforced dance party flyers

is no shield for your bulletproof and brazen spirit

no container for your purpose

who hold you and keep you safe

who watch your moving mouth and learn to love you whole

when did your open heart become a liability

when did your brave insistence on the community of an instant

become an open temple for the fear

of shapeshifters who know not

themselves in you

until too late

who paint our faces

taste the iron of your blood

until our words turn Kevlar and mean something

the back of your head looks so soft little brother

eggshell skull and brilliance breaking

sometimes I want to cry just looking at you

how to accept that your clean lined queen glide

tentative teeth ready to smile

fierce and femme

is a hopeful contradiction that could end

who believe in you enough to change everything

who love to learn your mouth whole

who hold

who hold

who hold your waiting hand

who cup your fresh cut hair

who kiss your lashed down lust

who hold

who hold

who hold you up

who have

who have

who have

your back

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