Thursday, July 06, 2006

"and yes, i'm bragging"

These are some of the poems that my students at the Potentialis Center Summer Camp wrote today! Today we wrote about our clothes and our bodies.

I have boney teeth
my eyeballs are bloody!
My cheeks are fat
my lips are chubby
my nose is also bloody
and my ears are wacky.

-Lydia, age 7

Dear Victoria,
I'm your Boston jersey dress. I love the way your smooth skin hairs rub against me like a massage. Your skin is very beautiful and silky like. You wear me out like you're the boss. It makes the cute boys holla and girls hate even more because of your taste in style. I really admire you because I'm not so tight on you so I can't breath like everyone else, which you are not. I love you and I'm proud to be your own dress. Thanks for giving me a chance to show you what I can do for you.
Your Boston Jersey Dress
-Queen Victoria, age 14

A note from Mayra's earrings:
We love it when Mayra goes to parties because she makes other earrings jealous. We love her because she always tries to look good with us and she always brings us different places.

-Mayra, age 17

A note from Garrett's hat:

I love to sit on Garrett's head, on his nice fluffy curly black hair. If I were him I would be the happiest human on earth, and yes I'm bragging.

My hair and my hat are royal, royal enemies. And don't ask why.

-Garrett (lil G), age 8

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Darnell said...

alexis, i love powerful. "out of the mouths of babes!" keep on!