Monday, July 24, 2006

graffiti stories

Here are some stories about Graffiti by the members of the Hip Hop writing class at Duke Young Writer's Camp!

by Alex

It was a dusty day in New Orleans. The exciting time of year had arrived, Mardi Gras. A crazy pary was taking place downtown at a teenager's club. Everyone was invited and it was a great time.

Later that night aound midnight all of the party members who had volunteered crept down to an annoying neighbor's house and began to graffiti his wall. Of course he caught them but not early enough. There he found a rude self-portrait of himself.

"Sticker Sign"
by Raul

I was driving my car listening to the radio when I realized I left my wallet back at the mall. I quickly turned left into a lot to make a u-turn and go back when BAM! I crashed. THe officer came and said, "ma'am you can't see that the sign says no left turn!" Then I looked at the sign, you could barely see anything because it was covered in stickers, random stickers that didn't make any sense. The stickers said "sleep" "stealth" "rucker" "mike ILL" "exit 8" "HSJ" "Sound Bombing II 1999" "Mystic" "Transmission" and many more! I couldn't believe it.

"Please Do Not Urinate Here (By Order)"

by Joe
Behind the wall there might be a construction sight.

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