Tuesday, November 28, 2006

love poem to lailan

or definitions of third world movement

some people can slow dance through
urgent cities of mustness
can paint bodylegnth orbits
color us sacred in thoughtful breathing

some people give pause

some people can blink time into deference
stretch now to everything
like a mixtape of survivals
reaching peace prayers to planetsize
atmospheric in their reverb

some people make a third way
all day everyday
like all night emails
and perfect reminders
of underwater truths

stitching this moment like
the fabric of widening tightropes
the grace of laced warmth
some kind of lycra tapestry
to pushing through struggle
turning lucha to bright lunch boxes
of possible love

at least one person i know
is a time space installation
of the world i am
(not content with)
waiting for

so thanks

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