Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sweet Gushy Nasty: Or I Wish I Never Met Her At All

(Warning...don't read this book if you are alive at all)
The Female Thing, Laura Kipnis, 2006

Jay-Z is more of a feminist than these racist white pop-feminist types. Damn. I'm waiting for the day when one of these essays isn't propelled by some extreme run a campaign and ask these folks to kindly stop pissing me off. Laura Kipnis makes me want to update "The Mediocre Whitegirl Chorus" to include the types of women who can make careers out of lazily stroking the racist fantasies of their revolutionarily chosen audiences "middle class white women". After having the nauseating "honor" of talking with this Laura person yesterday...i wished i coulda replaced her with Laura Bush on speed-dial...the horror of being in her presence was so not worth a free lunch (or three which I subsequently stole towards reparation.) Anyway this woman somehow argues that since rape in the United States operates through racism and incarceration it is somehow "equal opportunity" (those aren't scare quotes...though I'm scared..those are direct quotes). While feeding into the myth of the black/poor/stranger rapist (can she possibly have read a book on rape that was written within the last 10 years? she actually suggests that the person who is likely to rape you is like a criminal waiting to steal your rolex) and ignoring the fact that 1 out of 3 of the middle/upper class white women she's willing to speak to (that audience choice doesn't have anything to do with the disposable weath and consumerist tendencies that she herself links to the group does it?) have been raped about 90% of whom were raped by non-criminalized non-strangers who are not only in their white middle class socioeconomic group but also in their direct social group (i.e. more likely to buy them a rolex than to steal one), she tells women to put away their baseless fears about being raped...after all incarcerated men in prison (this same criminalized classed racial category she's pretending represents all rapists of women) get raped too. It would really be poetic justice if we could actually send people like this to prison. I don't want this woman roaming the streets using her implicit racism to bolster false mythologies while completely failing to address the prevalent experiences of her readers, and their sisters and their mothers etc. Even more than that I had how easy it is for women like this to be rewarded for ignoring actually call my statistical rebuttal "emotional", mention that they have a "black editor" (who also edited the book "Nigger" her cute excuse to feel allowed to say that word to me), and tell me that thinking about race (even whiteness) is too academic for the stupid women in her audience who can't even be trusted to remember who keeps raping them. Anyway if you see her (ugly pointy nosed arrogant brownhaired middleaged white woman...feel free to profile and harass the millions of women who fit that description) place her under citizens arrest. I don't want her in my I think she'd be able to write a smarter book after doing some prison time.
Sigh. Okay. Hopefully now I'll be able to stop telling this woman off in my head and get back to my work for and with the not-so-privileged audience that I love and want to stay true to. The books that I read by choice this week could all be used to testify against whack-ass Laura Kipnis...but she doesn't deserve it. In fact I think I'm going to marginalize her into this rant...since she's not on my exam list. Read the next essays...for some texts that matter.

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