Thursday, January 28, 2010

Get Your Own 12 Days Poetry Booklet When You Support the Alexis Loves Julia Valentine Fundraising Drive for the MobileHomeComing!

turquoise lace edition (aka the victoria's secret of booklets)

Once upon a time visionary lovebirds Alexis and Julia were apart for 12 whole days :(, counting the seconds until they could be in the same place and envision revolutionary brilliance together again... Alexis decided to make the countdown liveable and poetic by writing daily love poems to Julia. This year for valentine's day Lex has decided to publish her infinite love in the form of tiny handmade booklets which can be yours for a sweet donation of 14 delicious dollars or more between now and valentines day!

Make a donation to the A Black Queer Mobile Homecoming - An Immersive Archive

1) Click DONATE.
2) Enter an Amount. And note "12 Days" with the coverstyle that you prefer
3) Click Continue.
(or login to your paypal account).
4) Follow instructions to finish your transaction. You're Done!

Top 12 reasons that you REALLY want to get a copy of 12 days before they're all gone:

12. For the sweet gift basket you are assembling for your sweetie(s).

11.Because you love poetry.

10. Because you are going to create your own long-distance love countdown and you want a model.

9. Because they are just so beautiful!

crimson cover editon (aka fledgling lust)

8. Because you are going to cross out Lex and Julia's names and pretend you wrote this for your honey-to-be for a valentine's day guarantee.

7. Because you support queer black love period.

6. Because you know that the MobileHomeComing is all about you and the world you want to live in.

5. Because you are a romantic, and this will distract you from the sappy Hallmark channel Valentine's Day specials.

black and white edition (aka julia in a tux!)

4. Because you are a fellow do it yourself revolutionary!

3. Because you believe that our ancestors return to us in the form of love.

2. Because you are nosy to see what kind of sweet nothings and everythings Lex be telling Julia to keep that smile so big and bright.

1. Because you are the BEST!

Turquoise and Hot Pink Duct Tape Editon (aka Dkye-tastic!)

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