Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pat Parker Birthday Party and Eternal Summer of the Black Feminist Mind Session!

I have known you forever

Been aware that you would come

My muse sang of you

Said watch the sky for an ebony meteorite

That will pierce into your darkness

And illuminate your fears...

— Pat Parker

excerpt from “For Audre”

If I could take all my parts with me when I go somewhere, and not have to say to one of them, "No, you stay home tonight, you won't be welcome," because I'm going to an all-white party where I can be gay, but not Black. Or I'm going to a Black poetry reading, and half the poets are antihomosexual, or thousands of situations where something of what I am cannot come with me. The day all the different parts of me can come along, we would have what I would call a revolution.

— Pat Parker, Movement in Black

Hey family! January 20th is the birthday of the brilliant Black lesbian poet, publisher and activist Pat Parker! Come celebrate at the inspiration station. Eat cake and engage quotations from Pat Parker's inspiring body of work. AND get applications and information for the School of Our Lorde and the Survival School series (applications for the February sessions due Jan 25th!)

Wednesday January 20th 6pm

Inspiration Station!

Cake for everyone!

Kids welcome!

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