Friday, June 25, 2010

Calling all LA Family: A Black Herstory Month Conspiracy

at the  Furious Flower Poetry Center!

For everyone who has been asking whether the MobileHomeComing is coming out to Los Angeles...

YES!!! It is 100% crucial to us to come out to LA to build with our sunkissed elders and awesome collaborators who are already doing great work to document the oral herstories of lesbians of color and doing groundbreaking research on queer black elders (shouts out to Maylei, Alice and Mignon!!)

Our plan is to come out this February and YOU CAN HELP! Since February is the Academic Industrial Complex's FAV time to bring brilliant Black speakers to campus AND is also the miraculous month of Audre Lorde's birth we have devised a simple CONSPIRACY for you
to participate in!

BRING LEX to SPEAK on YOUR CAMPUS in FEBRUARY and that way your bosses can cover the expenses of Lex and Julia driving the RV cross country to do this crucial work in the city of angelic contradiction and surrounding environs!!!

More info on bringing Lex to speak here:

What do you think? Are you with us!
Let us know!
lex and julia


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