Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mourning/Mourning: Sojourner the RV is Having a Harriet Tubman Moment

Mourning/Morning: A MobileHomeComing Poem of Healing from J.Roxanne on Vimeo.

Greetings Family...
So our Revolutionary Vehicle is having a Harriet Tubman moment. Remember the story of how Harriet Tubman took a blow to the head? And she was laid out in the immediate moment, BUT she also started to see the revolutionary visions that led her to become a superhero for freedom? Well our beloved, beautiful purple and turquoise revolutionary MobileHomeComing is having a Harriet Tubman moment. But right now she's in a bit of a coma. On the way to infinite superpowers and the journey to freedom...injustice rears its head.

Yesterday morning injustice hit us in the form of an unfortunate person who is in an unjust economic position that causes him to break in to vehicles and steal radios. He broke into the Revolutionary Vehicle and stole the radio and Julia's keyboard (for some reason he didn't take any of the priceless Black feminist books that I had in there). Fate would have it that he was still in the act of stealing when Julia got into the RV to move it down the driveway for us to pack it up to head to Nashville early that morning. Julia said she would just get back out of the vehicle but the person pointed something at her and threatened her and (using her already existing superpowers) Julia jumped from the moving vehicle, which continued to roll down the driveway and into the street and then crashed into the neighbor's trashcan and we ran back into the house. We called on some of our beloved comrades (Deepali, Carlton and Kari) and within minutes they came to the house to help us. (A police officer also briefly stopped by and was not very helpful. He seemed to just want to make sure that Julia and I actually owned the RV and had not stolen it. He also left us and the RV in the middle of the street, blocking the entire roadway. Two thumbs down for the police.) Deepali, Carlton, Kari and a neighbor actually moved our 20 foot RV with the force of their love to the side of the street and lifted our spirits and reminded us that as a community we are already and will always be unstoppable.
The Revolutionary Vehicle is having a Harriet Tubman moment. Her radiator, condenser, engine fan and front lights are busted and she bled out all her anti-freeze it looks like it will take about $3000 to get her drivable again. :(
Cherished MobileHomeComing family member and Yoruba priestess Ifalade Tashia Asanti brought us words of peace and strength when we told her that we would not be able to make to the event she had planned for us in Louisville, Kentucky. She let us know that this event as scary as it was, was an act of protection. We were NOT supposed to be on the road that day. We rented (and transformed) this car to be our RRV (Rental Revolutionary Vehicle) for our delayed journey to Detroit.

We believe that we will always be exactly where we need to be and that our journey is divinely ordered so we are regrouping with the support of all of the loved ones who have called and visited to give their blessings to us and to remind us our journey, our movement and our collective future is bigger and brighter than anything we can imagine.

We have made a video about what happened and how we are feeling about it. We are already grateful for being part of this victory. If you can donate it would be very helpful...and if you can spread the word to other supportive people we would appreciate that as well.
Make a donation to  the A Black Queer Mobile Homecoming - An  Immersive Archive

We love you and we can't wait to see you...with the Sojourner the Revolutionary Vehicle intact and back in effect.
love always,
Alexis and Julia

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