Monday, August 29, 2011

break free (everyday) Gratitude Poem #21

break free


For Vanessa Huang

After Audre Lorde’s “Parting”

rocks talk through chisel light into break room

passed note to whole note break rest to trill too past to hold

too old to break cooler under river stone too cold to howl

trowel truth break ground refine less lime over more time

ghost right host bit love tongue blood read break skin in

thin wrap loose chase goosebump into break time

mine coal ice cold chase fever break even more hearts

beat fear brave raven heat heaven break o





Vanessa Huang is in my corner. Which at the end of the day may be just be enough. I am proud to believe in what Vanessa believes in. I am proud to fight and love for what Vanessa fights and loves for. And a biproduct blessing of the confluence is that I may see Vanessa any given year nationally gathered in a sacred name. Your names are sacred to me Vanessa.

And there is something that you are doing with line-breaks and space that challenges me into breakthrough. How you chisel your life into such truth, clarity and presence is a testament that commands my attention, respect, joy and love.

Thank you so much for being a poet and breakthrough and an ever present possibility.

love always,


p.s. look at these luckiest numbers gathered in my favor to send me home to Audre!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

thank you lex, for sharing this journey with us, and your love and labor to feed us and each to come!