Wednesday, August 24, 2011

spin (gratitude poem #18)


For Meredith

After Audre Lorde’s “The Politics of Addiction”

if we had the glue

to keep on going

over nerves newness

and not knowing how

we are


to get home

in the spiderweb of sprawl

we could live anywhere

spinning sincerity

wakes the warmth of dust

shadow of trust

shaped by seeking

this is the collage you make

dancing in place

deepening dervish

glitter-map to presence



Meredith caught a ride across town to glide red-dressed and exuberant into the queer station embryonic hub this weekend, and trusted she would be able to get home. In a time when I am building faith and learning to choose the safety of the transformative universe over the security of control and isolation Meredith is a testament.

I am so happy that Meredith is back in Atlanta, ready to build deep community and to celebrate the abundance of life! You are such a great example!!!

And each of you is evidence that life is abundantly possible! Thank you all for being part of my miraculous journey!!!:



1 comment:

Meredith said...

sis alexis, deep gratitude for this poem! it has made my moment, day, week. oh, for joy. how you SHINE on this sister with words -- i tremble. thank you! i keep on thanking the Universe and all who walk with me for the gift of sunday afternoon. so grateful for the ways made for me to arrive and depart...and the community i found wide-armed and lifted. continue, continue. love.