Friday, August 12, 2011

Daughter Defined (Gratitude Poem #14)

Greetings Family!

In the times we live in there are so many ways to recognize your tribe. Asha French reached to to me first across the strong connection of mutual black feminist loved ones as a mother. From across the cybernetic clearing I am watching Asha build and nurture given and chosen family in ways that make me believe in black feminism as a daily practice even more. This is for Asha and the tiniest member of the Crunk Feminist Collective, both teaching us so much every second of the day!!!!!

And as I think about defining daughterness (sic) I am again washed over in gratitude for all of you and your support for this step in my journey of chosen daughtering in the legacy of Audre Lorde as a black feminist ancestor and Gloria Joseph as an exemplary elder. Thank you so much for supporting me to accept Gloria Joseph's invitation to go to St. Croix and to build with her and learn more about that part of Audre Lorde's life!!!

I learn so much from writing each of these for your own dedicated love poem inspired by a poem in Lorde's Marvelous Arithmetics of Distance join the love movement here:

Daughter Defined

For Asha French

After Audre Lorde’s “The One Who Got Away”

beyond glamour

wholeness waits

season-all magic

last seen at no matter what

last heard singing life saving lullabies

last known for kissing the future

the bottom of the day will swell

to fit the dreams packed in

beyond what is fair

or combustible

morning will press up at the sun

life smell bright

faith ransom itself home


is that dangerous word

that silences guilt-mongers

forcefield to bloodhounds

cutting the air out of any selfish sound

daughter is the name

that means you will grow

moonbeams in a windowsill

dig rootcellars into books

float friendships across clearings

she means

look how she possible

anything worth it

jar water miracle

love lining lace

daughter means

whatever happens

yes beyond yes



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