Thursday, October 06, 2011

Land (Gratitude Poem #32)


For Chanelle Gallant

After Audre Lorde’s“Peace on Earth”

a star fell last night
as I drove myself
almost out of gas
to the grease slicked doorstep
of exhaustion

and where did it land
heaven drop
pressure of wishes

did you see it

i ate french fries
and absently sketched
a veggie fuel rocket engine
a self-contained compost toilet
an ethical escape

and told myself
a falling star is not a bomb

tires pattern bald
from skating the edge
of not enough
on autopilot

what atmospheric freeze
must crack
before I wake up.

Chanelle Gallant who are you? Dream come true? Star I wished on as a kid? Whoever you are I am so thankful for your support and love. Not only did you donate to the specific cause of my journey to connect with my chosen ancestors and black feminist family, you even convinced another friend who doesn't know me to do the same! I think on nights like last night where dance class is cancelled and sleep deprivation and really bad food is making me feel like an unsustainable gas-fueled society, I will remember you. And your sweet action and the fact that there is something bright somewhere, spreading glitter in motion, spreading love along the way. Gallant indeed. Who needs a knight in shining armor when there are stars like Chanelle landing on earth when you least expect them.

So much love to you Chanelle. May everything you touch near or from afar be as blessed as I feel right now.


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