Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Way Home (Gratitude Poem #33)

Way Home

For Lea Salas

After Audre Lorde’s “Lunar Eclipse”

from here the moon is a spotlight
wearing stockings
an unfocused yes

but you are driving gloves
and self-reflexive chisme
purple and passionate
yoga mat pushed aside
to make room for baggage
and the dirt and grass we drag along

you are the taut string
for the tiny tin can parade
of arriving almost safe as self

you are dyke chivalry
and the words “of course”
you are the truth in headlights dear

you are the way home.

So many people have given me rides to and from the airport in Durham in sweet disregard for their discontent at how often I leave the city I love.   If I were them I would refuse.  Shut it down.  Teach me a lesson called "stay at home."  But until they reach that consensus I will just be grateful and remain faithful to promise to always come back.    Lea is the person who has given me the most rides to and from the airport in this phase of life, and in particular she is the person who gave me the rides to and from the airport that framed my trip to St. Croix.   I love being in the car with Lea, hearing the scrumptious updates on her life, love and adventures and spilling the first splashed of my excitement to be home.   Thank you Lea for being the way.  For being the truth.  For bringing me home.

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